Tuesday, July 9, 2024


 In moonlit shimmer, where whispers play,

In vibrant streams that dance and sway,

In blue clouds, drifting high,

On starry shores beneath the sky,

By ocean’s edge, in twilight’s glow,

In playful waves that ebb and flow,

In nature’s canvas, day and night,

I see beauty, pure and bright,

In gentle breezes, soft and sweet,

In cloud paths where the heavens meet,

In rainbow’s gleam and lightning’s spark,

I search for meanings in the dark.

In raindrop’s pitter-patter song,

In trembling leaves where whispers throng,

In chirps of birds, in cuckoo’s call,

In hum of bees and breezes small,

In baby’s laughter, pure and free,

In love’s deep sighs and melody,

I listen life’s sweet tune,

In silent nights where shadows creep,

In empty echoes, dark and deep,

In mansions vast, in hearts confined,

In endless race, in restless mind,

In life’s quicksand, in mechanical grind,

In hearts grown cold, in hopes entwined,

In bonds that weaken, dreams that fade,

I seek traces of humanity's shade

An eternal seeker on a quest,

For truth, for meaning, for life’s best,

In every moment, every place,

Seeking always, the human grace.

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